Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ruminations by Amy: Making Lemons Out of Lemonade...Sorta

Remember when I lamented over my uneven cake? And remember when I said it would come back to haunt me? And remember when we at Three Peas told you we weren't experts? Well, my friend, now you will be able to revel in all of these things as I tell you my story.

So I have a dear friend whose name is Mrs. Kenna. She is an admirable woman who pours love and warmth into the hearts of everyone she meets. Monday happened to be Mrs. Kenna's birthday, and she is definitely the kind of person who deserves a surprise party. And so, my friends and I decided to give her one.

I happen to know that one of Kenna's biggest temptations is chocolate, so I knew that the chocolate-on-chocolate cake combination would be, in her terms, "killer." I also knew that the butter in the frosting would make her absolutely swoon, so of course I had to make the cake for her. Unfortunately, when I took the cake out of the oven, it was a little uneven. I frosted the cake and thought to myself that Mrs. Kenna wouldn't mind how the cake looked; she would still eat it and tell me she loved me, and I might be able to save a bit of my pride. I let the frosting harden on the cake for about 6 hours when I decided that it would be ok for me to put the lid on top of the cake pan. Oh, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

The next morning, I discovered that not only had the frosting run off the top of the cake and congealed on the corners, but the cake itself had MIRACULOUSLY RISEN and stuck to the top of the cake lid!!!! It was the kind of gross, "I'm-going-to-pull-the-entire-top-of-the-cake-off-and-it's-going-to-look-terrible" stuck.

And unfortunately, I discovered this fifteen minutes before the party.

I put the cake down, ran to get Mrs. Kenna, and decided to say a little prayer for inspiration.

Luckily, we ended up surprising Mrs. Kenna so well that she jumped out of her skin when we finally lured her to her party! While Kenna was getting showered with love, I retreated into the corner to figure out how on earth I could salvage the cake. I carefully pulled off the lid, but it was no use--I had ripped off a nice chunk off the top of the cake.

This...was devastating. Then God saved me.

It was then that I looked at the tombstone candle I had bought, and looked back at the cake. Somehow, I noticed that the ruined area resembled...a fresh burial plot (I know...I know). And so I would make a kind of mock momento mori birthday cake.

I need help. I know.

But I know Kenna very well, and I knew that her sense of humor could handle such a cake. And she LOVED it!

Trust me. I know this is heinous.

Mrs. Kenna, thank you for still being my friend even though I present you with such a heinous token of love on your special day. I am seeking help very soon; I promise.

I cannot help but laugh every time I look at this picture. We told you we weren't experts...but I think it's definitely more humorous that way.

Peace and love,

P.S. Kenna now keeps the candle on her desk at work. I now feel justified in my failures.

P. P. S. The pink star candles add a little something extra, I think.

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  1. I absolutely know exactly how you feel! Oh my goodness, you just really touched my heart and gave me a great idea for when this happens to me next time....a tombstone cake...I love it! God bless your little pea-pickin' heart! Susie Cantrell, RN