Monday, February 8, 2010

And So It Begins...

There once were three girls. These three girls lived next door to each other in their dorm at school. These three girls loved food - all things about food. So, they wanted to share their love and joy with the world. This is the beginning:

There was Amy, the wicked smart girl from Jackson, TN, who we suspect might have a PhD. in Chemistry from MIT because she is able to adapt, change, and create any recipe she wants without any negative consequences (Amy says, "Yeah right!"). Then there is Miranda, the funny girl from Grand Blanc, Michigan, who has a surprising talent of being an excellent hair stylist. She also has an insane talent for drawing (ie: our logo which will soon be up there at the top). And then there is Caitlin, the quirky hippie girl who has recently discovered an intense love of cupcakes, art history, and all things eco-friendly - she is the resident baker.

Now, how did these three girls wind up on here, in the blogsphere? Well, let me tell you. Caitlin was summoned to Miranda and Amy's room where this idea was put into play. "Let's start a food blog!" This was, of course, after the idea was proposed that we befriend a kind old lady who, upon her passing, would leave us her catering business. Caitlin did not find that idea especially promising, so the blogging idea won. And as it was spoken, so it shall be. So, here it is.

This is going to be a chronicle of eating, cooking, and living in our collegiate life. We don't really have a kitchen, so everything we make is either made at home or with very basic appliances. And, let's be honest, we don't have any money either. So this is all on a budget. However, we truly believe that we can make great food without an outpouring of money and tools. We plan on putting up recipes as we make them. We hope to have some awesome pictures as well to showcase our wonderful creations or to incriminate the fail-tastic experiments.

We certainly don't claim to be experts. We don't really claim to be anything other than three friends in college who have a love of food and each other. This is meant to be a place of joy and sharing and community. So, welcome to the product of our friendship.

Peace and Love,
Three Peas in a Kitchen


  1. I propose myself as a guest common-tator. Yes, you bring me food and I eat it and give you my opinion. Sometimes you may have to bring me several servings so my opinion can be well founded. This will be especially true when Caitlin makes almond cupcakes.

  2. I must say, I LOVE this idea. Already got the link up on my blog...ha! And Caitlin, you know I'm gonna ask to be a guest macaron maker. Kthanks.